She Is Strong.

Welcome to the "She Is Strong" (S.I.S) Movement! This place has been designed to do it's part in the empowerment of Women! No matter what your culture, as women we are the backbones of our communities, our families. We set the atmosphere, the temperature of any room we enter.

I am blessed to have been called to be the visionary of such an amazing community. As I participate and do my part in the empowerment of women, the men will not be left completely out. Although "She Is Strong", and is the atmosphere setter, men are a vital part of our communities. That said, as a part of our responsibility of being the backbone of our communities, we will be sure to empower our men as well.

The S.I.S Movement, Birthed to Empower!!!

#sheisstrong #birthedtoempower #worthyofthenext #maketodaygreat

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