Passionate About Inspiring Others

Dimetra Quarles (Coach Dee),  the CEO of Dimetra Daily.com and Founder of the "She is Strong Movement" (S.I.S Movement),  who overcame adversity and major hurdles only to find that she landed on her feet, shoulders squared, and head held high.


Dimetra is an entrepreneur, visionary and certified life coach who helps individuals transition from where they are to where they are destined to go. Empowering others to become the best version of themselves is her passion. Dimetra understands that permanent change begins with a transformation of the mind and to this end, she offers and facilitates a wide range of coaching programs, workshops and services.


"I am a product of self-discovery. I am love, I am blessed, I am faithful, I am strength, I am powerful and YOU ARE TOO!"                                                                                                                                                                       ~Dimetra

  • Transcendence in Self-Actualization and Life Coaching (New Spiritual Foundation 2016 Certificate No. NSF0006)

  • Life Coaching (New Skills Academy 2018 - Certificate No. C35Z1FQC)

  • Over the pass 20 years I have assisted individuals in the area of developing their self awareness, becoming and staying accountable to the process of reaching their  personal life goals and aspirations.